Puerta Azul

A detailed site plan and development of this mostly one story senior targeted small lot detached cluster product was developed in La Quinta, California. This small lot detached gated cluster project consists of 127 single story resort villas on 19.7 acres for a density of 6.4 units per acres. Clusters are organized in either four or six units. The target buyer is a senior market and each unit has a single car garage. A clubhouse and primary and secondary pool area are located at each end of the neighborhood. The primary clubhouse includes a second story living unit for a neighborhood manager. A central green belt connects the two recreation areas and provides an internal open space area for many of the units. A lanai type of covered patio creates an outdoor room thereby extending the usable floor area of each unit.

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Jovi Farm

Agora Planning + Design prepared a conceptual site plan for this 30 acre site stradeling the border of Sunland Park, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. A horizontally mixed use development incorporates a traditional neighborhood design with small lot detached homes and a Main Street USA retail center. The scale and walkable streets will make Jovi Farm a highly sought after neighborhood to live in.  

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Agora Planning + Design prepared the detailed site plan for this townhome and condominium project located in Marina Costa Baja in La Paz, Baja, Mexico. Located near the authentic Baja, Mexican town of La Paz this 3 acre, 80 unit site sits on a rocky bluff overlooking Bahia de La Paz and two of the nicest beaches in the resort. The units range from 1,600 SF to 3,000 SF and all units have large terraces and views of the marina and Bahia de La Paz. The curvilinear buildings in the middle are six-stories with the two upper levels being two-story penthouses

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Agora Planning + Design prepared the master plan, site plan and specific plan for this 450 acre lakeside residential community located in Riverside County, California.